Stories / Acknowledgement

“You are the salt of the earth and light of the world." Matthew 5:14-16

I am eternally grateful for every woman who I interviewed and photographed. Thank you for putting your time and effort in helping me to achieve this final thesis project. Producing this photo book is challenging, especially enduring this stressful time of COVID-19. Yet, this has been the most rewarding experience that I could have imagined. Despite every truthful story, this book also resonates the relationship in-between each of us. Hence, I really appreciate your sincerity, authenticity, and honesty to open up your past, present and future hopes to me. 

Finally, I hope each woman can be proud of themselves and continue to enjoy your future life, no matter where you are and who you were. 

Special thanks to: Hilary Chow, Katherine Ho, Candy Kwok, Priscilla Leung, Gloria Lam, and Katiana Lo

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