Stories / In-Between

Stories of Hong-Kong Chinese Canadian Women

This series honours women who have been through tremendous changes in identity and lifestyle since emigrating from Hong Kong to Toronto. 

In-Between is a photo book that features six unique women with their unfolding life stories. From when they decided to move away from their home to Toronto, each person changed dramatically. Their feelings of entanglement in between past and present have transformed as they are stepping into different life stages, yet memories still remain vividly in their mind. 

This photo project aims to discover Hong Kong Chinese women's stories that focus not only on their life journey but also their feelings of in-betweenness. Mainly about how they’ve overcome fear and adapt their life in Toronto and how they have continued to build relationships with others despite the language barrier and cultural differences. Each woman’s story features their past, present and hopes for the future to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness as being a Hong Kong Chinese Canadian woman. 

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