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Katiana (Kat)

“Once you make a decision, you make its full purpose.”

How many family members do you have? 

I have a beautiful family of two sons and a daughter, who are all mature independent adults making their living by themselves now. 

What made you decide to move away from Hong Kong? 

Well, I was an overseas student studying in Winnipeg, (side notes) where I met my husband. Back in the days, international students could not stay in Canada after they graduated. Hence, Hermas and I had to return to Hong Kong. However, we felt distant from the place and didn’t feel comfortable with the changes in Hong Kong. Hence, we both decided to start our new chapter of life with our first born child in Toronto. This decision was made even before the hangover of Hong Kong in 1997. 

How did you start your living in Toronto? 

At the beginning, Hermas and I had no job while taking care of our first son. However after months of patience and hope, I was blessed to have a job that served in a refugee settlement. At that time, this was my first job in Toronto even before Hermas got his. I still remember after we both got a job, there was no one to take care of our kid. We decided to look for a babysitter through postings at the bus stop or outside of the grocery stores. Honestly, that was pretty dangerous but we had no choice. It was all done by faith and trust. 

What were the biggest obstacles you had in your life? 

After having two children, I was satisfied with my family and everything I had. It was not until my husband finished his master’s degree and I went back to work after my second child, I realized that I was pregnant again. That was my most depressed time because I did not expect to have a third child. On top of that, it was rare to have three children in one household at the time. I thought it would be difficult for us. Then, after a few months of depression, I realized that I wasn't the one who controls life or my desires. Nevertheless, I am thankful to give birth to my son who we named “Tin Lok”, meaning a gift of happiness from heaven. 

What are the greatest moments in life right now? 

I am thankful that God has everything prepared for me. I am truly blessed to have a job that suits my lifestyle. I could work from home and have more flexibility with time and family. I am working for Ontario Homecare which provides local health care services to all ages and I am mainly focusing on serving the elderly. God is very providing so my life is fruitful. I am passionate about my work because I know I am not working for the system but for the people in need. 

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