As a fourth-year student specialized in Photography Studies, I will be graduating in June 2020 from my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Ryerson University. With my training in Photography and experiences as a social media content writer, I am confident to take up tasks for any upcoming needs in social media campaigns and strategic communications, especially in the capacities of photography, writing, and multimedia design. 


Rachel Chow


Bachelor of Fine Arts  (Photography Studies)

Ryerson University

2016-09 — Current


I am experienced with various hands-on practices in photo editing and printmaking, meeting the professional level of colour balancing, photo editing with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign for page layout and design. Most passionate about social documentary and environmental portraitures, I have produced many photo projects based on social issues and phenomena in my urban surroundings, presented in the forms of photo prints, book designs and layout. By doing so, I hope to raise social awareness to the crowds and to become a communicator by delivering messages about the surroundings through photography. 

Technical Skills

  • Content Writing & Marketing  
  • Photography    
  • Social Media Planning  
  • Information Research  
  • Digital Media Design  

Digital Literacy 

  • Adobe Photoshop   
  • Adobe InDesign  
  • Adobe Lightroom  
  • Google Drive  
  • Microsoft Office  



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