“I love drinking bubble tea but I can't now.”

Do you still remember the day when you left Hong Kong?

July 28, 2006, when I was in form. 5 (Grade 11). 

Are you happy that you came to Toronto? 

Yes, because I get to spend more time with my mom. When we were still in HK, my brother and I would only get to see mom once a week on the weekends. So compared to then, I feel great to finally be living with mom.

What were the difficulties you had at the beginning when you moved to Toronto?

Language barrier would be one because I had  to speak differently using my second language. So it takes me some time to adapt and adjust myself at the beginning. Secondly, is the cultural differences. Toronto is way different than Hong Kong. It’s so boring here. The lifestyle is not as exciting as Hong Kong. Lastly, clothes in Toronto are not mainly for Asians. It’s hard for me to find an XS in store. This is pretty frustrating. 

Time flies! From when you were young to now being married, what are the significant changes in your life?

Ya, it’s crazy to think back how my 14 years of living in Toronto has changed and to where I am now! I’ve been married for 2 years right here at Tyndale. Honestly, I feel like it was yesterday. Our marriage life has been fruitful and amazing. When I first became a wife, I learned to adapt to my partner’s living habits. Before my husband and I, Keith, were dating, we rarely went out for  dates. I usually saw Keith 1-2 times per week  at church and that’s mostly it. Since we are married now, not only are our lives different, but I also get to see him everyday. So, we learned a lot about each other, and to adapt to this marriage lifestyle and habits. Nevertheless, my life has been great with him. I enjoy my married life. 

As life keeps on changing, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt? 

Waiting. It’s the hardest part while dealing with all the changes in life. I’ve always had a timeline in mind for myself but sometimes, things just weren’t going my way. Hence, faith becomes important because I have to let go of my control. God already has his plan set for me. Hence, I’ve learnt how to trust and believe in God and follow his way. 

What’s coming up for you? 

My first baby. I’ve been pregnant for four months now, and it was truly a blessing from God. God hears my prayers. So, my next identity is to be a mom and to give birth to the baby in August! Exciting! 

How’s this new transition of “mom-to-be” life doing so far? 

In the first 3 months, I was so worried about many little things. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure once because of the apple pie I had the night before body check. But, now I am totally fine. Thank God. Also, I am afraid of the baby’s formation. Little things like make me worry about the baby. 

What was the last unforgettable incident you had after you were pregnant? 

One time, Keith was telling me that he would go out to have some beers with his friend this week. After I heard him saying that, I was so mad. It’s because I’ve already asked him to quit drinking or to even try drinking less. Second, I was upset because even though I like bubble tea the same way he likes beer, I couldn’t have it. I couldn’t have what I wanted and that pissed me off . It’s not fair that he can do whatever he wants while I am the person who’s sacrificing a lot, like bubble tea! However, Haha looking back at this, I was just being silly. So after I became pregnant, little things like that happened. I am riding on an emotional roller coaster, even though that doesn’t happen everyday, but sometimes it does.

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